Teapot for One - Swiss Cows
Swiss Teapot for One - Cows - Handmade Pottery
Pottery Teapot for One - Swiss Cows
Teapot and tea cup - Tea for one set - Swiss Cows
Teapot and Tea cup with hand painted Swiss cows.

Teapot for One - Swiss Cows

$49.00 USD

Ceramic Teapot For One - Swiss Cows

Handcrafted and Unique Form from our Teapots collection.

This is our original "Tea for Me" set.

Our tea for one set includes teapot and tea cup.

This gorgeous ceramic tea for one set is made from red clay.

Size: Width: 13cm / 5in

         Height: 15cm / 6in

Capacity: Teapot - 350ml / 12oz

                Tea cup - 330ml / 11oz

Our ceramic tea for one set is hand-brushed with food-safe, colorful glazes with hand painted planets.

Each piece of this tea set for one is made entirely by the hand of the craftsman who has manufactured it.

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All our items are Dishwasher, Microwave, Food Safe.