Wholesale Handmade Pottery 

Choose the items to submit for quotation. Select all the items you want and click the red "Add to Quote" button. Don't worry about the quantity. You can change it later.


Wholesale Pottery - Tivelasi Pottery


When you add all the needed items click "Quote" button on the top right of the navigation bar:

Wholesale Quotation Form

Now you see the list with all of your chosen items. Choose the quantity of every item and then click the submit button:

Wholesale Form for Tivelasi Pottery

Now fill the form with your name, email and you address in the description ( We need the address to calculate the shipping) and click "Submit" button in the bottom right corner.

Quotation form


You will see the below confirmation for your quote.

Quote list

Your quotation is submit and we will review it as soon as possible. After that we calculate the best prices with the wholesale discount and the most suitable shipping options to your country and we will send you the offer to your email address.