About Us

TIVELASI Ltd was officially launched in 2014. Our aim is to promote the amazing handmade Bulgarian ceramic items. We provide a wide variety of handmade products: serving plates, bowls, beer mugs, coffee cups, milk creamers, wine cups, pitchers, teapots, salt pepper shakers, fruit bowls, and ashtrays. All of our products are available in different sizes, colors and patterns. 

Our functional pottery raises the idea of functional to a whole new levels with wonderful glazes and designs that make all pottery items works of art. The words “functional” and “pottery” go hand in hand. Pottery may be the oldest of the decorative arts, but it began as the creation of functional objects used in everyday life such as Bowls, plates and mugs. 

Our products are made by Bulgarian craftsmen of ceramics from different corners of our country, which provides diversity in styles and techniques to manufacture this items. We’ve brought you creations from the artists whose work covers the spectrum of “functional art”. Every vessel is unique, bearing the spirit of the master craftsman who has manufactured it. Looking at our ceramic pottery, you will notice the fascination of the simple yet perfect shapes, created by nature and borrowed from it. Their manufacture requires patience, hard work and love. Each master has its own unforgettable style and we are proud to be able to offer these beautiful and quality products and make them available to anyone who wants to own some of them.

All of our products are hand thrown, painted and glazed by hand.

The fine decoration on pottery is achieved through several techniques of coloring, engraving, color painting and application of aggregate figures.

Pottery is both a craft and an art that turns ordinary clay into beautiful pottery. The warmth of human hands and the spirit of the master translate in any court fraction of its author and cultural traditions of our people.


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