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Turning clay into the pictures

Turning clay into the pictures or so called "pottery photography"  In this age, the ability to make strong digital images of your work is second only to the ability to make strong work. You could make the best pots on earth, but if you don’t know how to photograph them, few people will ever know it. Every artist sees their work through the eyes of a creator, a much more critical and intimate perception of the object than the general public is likely to have. However Ceramics are easier to photograph than you might think. You can do this only with a single light and soft box but for better results you mush use more complex solutions. Shooting your own...

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Early Pottery History Part 1 - How it is being made

Early Pottery History Part 1 How it is being made? People first started making pottery out of clay in East Asia, in both China and Japan, around 14,000 BC, long before they started farming. Probably they had always known how, but just hadn't done it much. But most communities, tending their crops in the Neolithic Revolution, soon discover the technique and use of pottery. With one remarkable exception, at Dolni Vestonice in the Czech Republic (where models of animals and a Venus figurine have been dated to about 25,000 years ago), the earliest examples come from the Middle East, the region where agriculture first develops. Pottery fragments from about 6500 BC have been found at Catal Huyuk in Turkey. The...

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