Benefits of the Aromatherapy

Ceramic Oil Burner from Tivelasi Pottery


Aromatherapy Benefits with Essential Oil Burners and Products


Essential oil candles and essential oil burners are long lasting with a wide range of health benefits. Use it inside the home for radiating fine mist and fill the atmosphere with associated healing, therapeutic properties. Benefits of these essential oils last for additional 4 to 5 hrs after the use up of its sources. Essential oils are one of nature’s best products. They have a number of surprising uses for health and beauty. These products ensure sweet smelling interiors with other positive effects on your well being such as;


  • purification of air
  • removal of viruses and bacteria
  • improvement in concentration and focus
  • stress reduction
  • headache relief
  • stimulation of rest repair function
  • immune system boosting
  • improved digestion
  • improved hormonal balance

 ceramic oil burners

So what are some factors to consider when you are choosing these ceramic burners and diffusers? Heat changes the essential oil chemical structures. Easy cleaning is also a factor as difficult and messy designs signifies additional headache that you do not want. Soy essential oil candles are a good choice because there is minimal residue on the surfaces and it is easy to clean.

One of the best ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them into the air  with tea light oil warmer – making them a part of every breath you take.

Ceramic Oil Burner from Cherga Collection Tivelasi Pottery
Going for the cheapest products is not always a good strategy. You will realize from experience that when you pay extra it makes significant differences. The candles and the diffusers that you buy, now will last months instead of years. Our ceramic oil burners are basically they will last forever because of their simple construction and used materials. Economical delivery of mists is another desirable feature. The more economical it is the longer will the product last giving you full value for the money you invest in this product. Not all rooms are small and compact. You may need to use these aromatherapy items in large spaces as well. So choose a product capable of covering large areas effortlessly.


are attractive containers for your essential oils that take the place of other less-effective methods of exposing your essential oil to the air for long periods of time. Oil warmers are wonderful tools because they can be used with all of the essential oils you own. This means that even if you require a different kind of essential oil you will not have to go out and buy new tools, you will be able to re purpose the one you already have instead! Oil Warmers also allow you to experience the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy throughout your home at all times of the day in an unobtrusive, effortless manner. Just add a little water in the top reservoir add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, light a tea-light candle underneath, sit back and relax whilst this oil burner slowly releases the aroma to fill the room. This oil burner can also be used with wax melts.

 Essential Oil Burner - Tivelasi Pottery

With the right product at your disposal, you can get all the benefits aromatherapy has on offer. We derive essential oil from different plants. The manufacture of the scent is through oil distillation from plant products followed by suspension in hydrophobic liquids. Clean scent that you derive this way is added easily to substances like the candle wax, preferably soy or the reed diffusers. Aroma emanating from these products can stimulate changes related to thought processes and behavior.

Essential oils are easy to find because they come directly from nature. They do not have any hidden ingredients or toxins. 

Outcome of different scents is varied. For example, the clean and light smell of lavender has a calming effect on our senses helping us to sleep and relax completely. Besides, it also has anti-septic properties. Effective in reducing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure, people invariably start feeling in control with the uplifting scent of lavender guiding the senses. You can also choose to create an energetic atmosphere through eucalyptus oil therapy. Start feeling refreshed once these scented candles start weaving their magic.

ceramic oil burners from pearl collection tivelasi pottery

Essential oils are generally superior to other solutions because they are natural. In appropriate doses they are non-toxic and many of them are safe enough to be used even in food products!

Heart rate rises automatically inspiring you to inhale more oxygen inside the lungs. It purifies thoughts and allows you to focus. Other essential oil extracted from chamomile, tea tree, rose, gardenia, jasmine and others along with their blends have their particular aromatherapy benefits. You can heighten the effects with the right essential oil burners at your disposal.

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    I am glad you mentioned the fact that you should look for something that is easy to clean. I wouldn’t have thought about that. I would have just bought the oil warmer that caught my eye! But, I don’t want to get something that is going to be hard to clean. It will just end up looking worse eventually!

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